Ghost Ship


The SSAP Canticle went around the far side of the moon and “went dark” after venting atmosphere, losing power, and beginning to tumble toward moon. Drones are able to maintain sensor observation on the ship, but cannot attempt rescue (they’re drones). Last contact was 32 hours prior to brief.

Sullivan’s Station officials are unable to assign any locals to do the rescue.

  • Primary Objective:
    • Locate and rescue any survivors.
  • Secondary Objectives
    • Discover cause of the fuckup.
    • Re-establish communication (canticle?)
    • Stabilize the ship’s orbit
    • Bring the ship back to the station
  • Rewards
    • 1000 Creds per character
    • One-Month Docking Fee Waiver
    • Each Secondary gives us an additional 1000 Creds for Group

Ghost Ship

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